Royal Automobile Association

Royal Automobile Association of South Australia Inc
Royal Automobile Association

The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) of South Australia Inc, headquartered in Adelaide, is automobile club and mutual organisation providing car, home and motorcycle insurance as well as landlord & short stay, caravan, trailer, boat, mobility scooter and travel insurance. It also offers roadside assistance and motoring services, fast and affordable personal loans, trade assist from plumbers to electricians, solar and battery storage, driving school, free advice from motoring experts, cruises, online services and mobile application (myRAA app). The company was established in 1903 and today has approximately 755,000 members across the state. The Royal Automobile Association was named Australia’s most recommended general insurer by national research agency DBM.

Key people
President & Chairman of the Board: Peter Siebels
Managing Director RAA: Ian Stone
Vice-President: Kathy Gramp

Headquarters address:
101 Richmond Road
Mile End, Adelaide
South Australia
ABN: 90 020 001 807
Number of employees: 800+
Membership: 750,000+

Phone numbers:
General inquiries: +61 8202 4600
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday, 9 am - 12 pm
Broken down? Call 13 11 11 (Road Service, 24/7)