The country's $111 billion mutual banking segment represents more than 4 million Australians. As of June 2020, there were over 30 mutual banks in Australia. Operating under APRA supervision, member-owned sector has powerful track record of stability and customer satisfaction. Here is a list of mutual or customer-owned banks operating in Australia.

Australian Military Bank (formerly Australian Defence Credit Union), headquartered in Sydney, provides banking products and services to more than 57,000 customers through 28 locations and 29 ATMs.

Australian Mutual Bank was created in October 2019 through the merger of Endeavour Mutual Bank and Sydney Credit Union.

Australian Unity Bank (formerly Big Sky Building Society), based in Melbourne, operates as a subsidiary of Australian Unity Ltd.

Bank Australia (formerly Bankmecu) – One of the leading mutual banks in Australia, with more than $6 billion in total assets and $5.3 billion in deposits.

Bank First (formerly Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank), a trading name of Victoria Teachers Ltd, offers a wide array of competitive products including savings accounts, personal loans, green, new and used car loans as well as no annual fee and low rate credit cards (Visa Classic, Visa Platinum).

Bankstown City Unity Bank was previously known as Bankstown City Credit Union (BCCU). It operates as a subsidiary of Unity Bank Limited.

BankVIC (formerly Police Association Credit Co-operative) – One of the largest mutual banks in the state of Victoria, with around 115,000 members as of March 2021.

Beyond Bank Australia (formerly Community CPS Australia) – One of the country's largest mutual banks with operations in South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

Bank of us – The only Tasmanian mutual owned bank. It was formerly known as B&E Ltd, one of the oldest building societies. It offers a range of products and services including low rate credit cards with 9.99% p.a.

Bank of Heritage Isle, previously known as Heritage Isle Credit Union, serves more than 6,500 members across Tasmania.

Border Bank – A customer-owned financial institution operating as a subsidiary of Police Bank.

Defence Bank (formerly Defence Credit Union) – A member owned bank headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria.

Endeavour Mutual Bank provides car and personal loans, mortgages, credit cards, green loans, insurance, foreign exchange, retirement and estate planning through branches in Chippendale (Central Station), Hamilton, Revesby Homebush, Chullora, Gosford, Parramatta, Gymea, Merrylands and North Ryde. It is no longer part of the rediATM network.

Firefighters Mutual Bank is a subsidiary of Teachers Mutual Bank Limited.

First Option Bank (formerly First Option Credit Union) – One of the most trusted small banks in Australia. Founded in 1965, it is a member of Credit Union Financial Support Scheme (CUFSS).

Gateway Bank Ltd, founded in 1955, was formerly known as Gateway Credit Union. Today it serves over 30,000 members and employs more than 60 people. BSB number is 676 000.

Greater Bank (formerly Greater Building Society), established in 1945, provides award-winning products to clients in New South Wales and southeast Queensland.

Great Southern Bank

G&C Mutual Bank (formerly SGE Credit Union) – A customer owned institution based in Sydney, New South Wales.

Horizon Bank (formerly known as Horizon Credit Union)

Hume Bank (formerly Hume Building Society), headquartered in Albury, provides services to over 60K clients via 20 branches and 50 ATMs. Albury is a major regional city located on the Hume Freeway (or Highway) and the northern side of the River Murray, southern New South Wales.

Heritage Bank (formerly Heritage Building Society), headquartered in Toowoomba (the state of Queensland), is the largest mutual bank in Australia.

IMB Bank (previously Illawarra Mutual Building Society) – A mutual financial institution with over 180,000 customers and 550 employees.

QT Mutual Bank (formerly Queensland Teachers Credit Union) was rebranded to RACQ Bank in October 2017.

QBANK (formerly Queensland Police Credit Union or QPCU), located in Brisbane, serves employees and families of police, fire, justice, ambulance, emergency services, corrective services, nursing and public sector.

Queensland Country Bank (formerly known as Queensland Country Credit Union) was established in 1971 and became a member-owned bank in February 2020.

Qudos Bank (previously known as Qantas Staff Credit Union or Qantas Credit Union) is a trading name of Qudos Mutual Limited.

MOVE Bank is a trading name of Railways Credit Union. It was named Australia’s Best Small Mutual Bank for 2020 by Mozo.

MyState Bank – A leading retail financial institution in Tasmania. It operates as a division of MyState Ltd, a financial group listed and traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), with a market capitalization of $350 million.

P&N Bank (formerly Police & Nurses Credit Society) – The largest mutual bank in Western Australia. It serves more than 100,000 customers across the state.

Police Bank (formerly NSW Police Credit Union), founded in 1964, serves Police and Department of Home Affairs as well as Tasmanian communities. Bank of Heritage Isle is the new trading name for Tasmania operations.

Regional Australia Bank – A customer-owned organization with presence in the New England, North West, Orana, Central West and the Hunter regions.

RACQ Bank – A mutual financial institution with more than 1.7 million members.

Sydney Mutual Bank (formerly Sydney Credit Union) was launched in October 2019 and operates as a subsidiary of Australian Mutual Bank Ltd.

Teachers Mutual Bank (previously NSW Teachers Credit Union) is one of the biggest Australian mutual banks, with over 200,000 members and $8 billion in total assets. It is the only Australian bank to be recognized as one of 2019’s World’s Most Ethical Companies.

The Mutual Bank (formerly Maitland Mutual Building Society) – A trading name of Maitland Mutual Limited.

Woolworths Team Bank (WTB) was formerly known as Woolworths Employees' Credit Union.

Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank (formerly Victoria Teachers Credit Union) changed its name to Bank First in December 2017.

UniBank – A division of Teachers Mutual Bank.

Unity Bank Ltd was formerly known as Maritime, Mining & Power Credit Union.