Credit Ratings

Below are the long-term credit ratings of Australian banks. The four major banks ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac are among the strongest and best banks in the world from a credit standpoint. The five banks have a long-term credit rating of AA- from Standard & Poor's (S&P) and Aa3 from Moody’s. Ratings may be revised or withdrawn at any time by the rating agencies.

No Bank Moody's Standard & Poor's Fitch Ratings
1 ANZ Banking Group Aa3 AA- A+
2 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Aa3 AA- A+
3 National Australia Bank Aa3 AA- A+
4 Westpac Banking Corporation Aa3 AA- A+
5 Bankwest * Aa3 AA- A+
6 Rabobank Australia Ltd Aa2 - -
7 Suncorp Bank A1 A+ A
8 Macquarie Bank Limited (MBL) A2 A+ A
9 HSBC Bank Australia A2 A+ n/r
10 Citigroup Pty Ltd A3 A -
11 Macquarie Group Limited A3 BBB+ A
12 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank A3 BBB+ A-
13 ING Bank (Australia) Ltd A3 n/a A
14 Bank of Queensland Limited A3 BBB+ A-
15 Newcastle Greater Mutual Group A3 BBB -
16 BankVic ** Baa1 BBB -
17 Bank Australia Ltd Baa1 BBB -
18 Defence Bank Limited Baa1 BBB -
19 G&C Mutual Bank Baa1 BBB -
20 Teachers Mutual Bank Baa1 BBB -
21 Heritage Bank Ltd *** Baa1 n/a BBB+
22 IMB Ltd (trading as IMB Bank) ^ Baa1 n/a BBB+
23 Qudos Mutual ltd (trading as Qudos Bank) ^^ Baa1 n/a -
24 Members Equity Bank Pty Ltd **** Baa1 - -
25 Australian Military Bank Baa1 - -
26 Victoria Teachers Limited (Bank First) Baa1 - -
27 Great Southern Bank Baa1 BBB -
28 Auswide Bank Ltd Baa2 n/a BBB+
29 AMP Bank Limited Baa2 BBB n/a
30 Gateway Bank Ltd Baa2 - -
31 MyState Bank Limited Baa2 n/a BBB+
32 AMP Group Holdings Ltd Baa3 BBB- -
33 Australian Unity Bank Ltd n/a BBB+ n/a
34 Greater Bank Ltd ***** - BBB -
35 Police Bank Ltd - - BBB+
36 Australian Mutual Bank Ltd - - BBB+
37 Hume Bank Limited - - BBB+
38 Bank of us (B&E Ltd) - - BBB+
39 Police & Nurses Ltd (P&N Bank) - BBB -
40 The Mutual Bank ^^^ - BBB- -
41 Arab Bank Australia Ltd ^^^^ n/a n/a n/a
42 QPCU Limited (trading as QBANK) n/a n/a n/a
43 Rural Bank Ltd ^^^^^ - - -

Last updated as of April 30, 2023
* Bankwest (formerly The Bank of Western Australia) has credit ratings through its parent company the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
** BankVic is a trading name of Police Financial Services Limited.
*** In March 2023, Heritage Bank and People’s Choice Credit Union officially merged.
**** In March 2022, Moody's has withdrawn all ratings of Members Equity Bank Ltd (ME Bank) due to reorganization. ME Bank has ceased to operate as an independently licensed bank but continues as a brand of Bank of Queensland.
***** In February 2023, Greater Bank Ltd (GBL) completed the merger with Newcastle Permanent Building Society, and S&P withdrew BBB long-term and A-2 short-term issuer credit ratings on GBL.
^ S&P withdrew ratings of IMB Ltd in June 2018.
^^ S&P withdrew the issuer credit ratings of Qudos Mutual Ltd at the company's request in August 2019.
^^^ The Mutual Bank is a trading name of Maitland Mutual Limited.
^^^^ S&P withdrew ratings of Arab Bank Australia Ltd (ABAL) at the request of the lender in April 2018. Fitch withdrew ratings in 2016.
^^^^^ S&P withdrew all its issuer credit ratings on Rural Bank Ltd in June 2019. Rural Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bendigo & Adelaide Bank.

Standard & Poor's (S&P)
Standard & Poor's, with offices in 24 countries and a history dating back more than 160 years, is a global leader in objective risk analyses and evaluations of the credit worthiness of issuers worldwide.

Fitch Ratings
Fitch Ratings, founded in December 1913 by John Knowles Fitch, is an international rating agency that provides global capital market investors with ratings and research.

Moody's Investor Services
Moody's, established in 1909, maintains a presence in 28 countries and is one of the world's most widely utilized sources for credit ratings, research and risk analysis.