Credit Unions in Australian Capital Territory

Following is a list of credit unions in Australian Capital Territory (ACT), a federal district enclaved within the state of New South Wales. ACT includes Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Service One Mutual Ltd (formerly Service One Credit Union), based in Deakin, offers a wide array of personal and small business banking products and services throughout Australian Capital Territory.

ACT Hospitals and Health Employees Credit Union Co-operative Ltd (1969-2001)

Bemboka Community Credit Union (1959-2004)

Blue Print Credit Union (1969-1974)

Cooma Monaro Credit Union Ltd changed its name to Snowy Mountains Credit Union in 1984.

Credit Union of Canberra Ltd (1996-2001)

National Capital Credit Union (1970-1994)

N.C.D.C. Staff Credit Union Co-operative Ltd (1971-1988)

PSE & Community Credit Union Co-op Ltd

Snowy Mountains Credit Union Ltd (1971-2001)