Quay Credit Union

Quay Credit Union Ltd (QCU) commenced operations as AMP Employees & Agents Credit Union Limited in 1971 and served approximately 10,000 members throughout Australia. The principal activity of QCU was to receive deposits from and make loans to its members. The Credit Union offered transaction and savings accounts, home and personal loans, business accounts, term deposits, Visa credit and debit cards, rediCARDs, internet and mobile banking, BPAY, foreign exchange and more. It was formerly known as AMP Credit Union and changed its name to Quay Credit Union in 2011. As at 30 June 2015, QCU had total assets of $225.316 million, member loans of $124.066 million, member deposits of $204.135 million and members equity of $17.459 million.

In 2016, QCU merged with G&C Mutual Bank Limited and the merged entity started trading under 2 brands: G&C Mutual Bank and Quay Mutual Bank.

Head office address:
Level 9, 48 Hunter Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone number: 1300 364400
BSB: 802-355