Community Mutual

Community Mutual Ltd (formerly New England Credit Union) provided a wide range of financial products and services including transaction, savings and investment accounts, personal and home loans, VISA credit and debit cards, internet banking, financial planning, wealth management and insurance services. The Group traded as New England Mutual, Orana Mutual and Hunter Mutual in their respective regions. Community Mutual changed its name to Regional Australia Bank in 2016.

The company was established in 1969 and was one of the largest inland community credit unions with over 70,000 members. Community Mutual was adopted as a trading name of New England Credit Union (NECU) following the merger of New England Credit Union and Orana Credit Union, and a subsequent merger with Hunter Mutual in 2010.

Head office address:
New England Technology Park
Madgwick Drive, Armidale
NSW 2350, Australia

PO Box U631
University of New England
NSW 2351